Providing Government Cost Accounting & Compliance Training Thru Interactive Seminars & Engaging Webinars

We Make Learning Complex Cost Accounting Easy

ProAcct provides targeted webinars and interactive seminars to Government contractors. Our training’s contain the simplest, and most essential material, creating a comprehensive learning experience for attendees.
Learning about accounting and finance can often be stressful. Just as the river scene depicts a sense of peace, ProAcct intends for each student to experience clarity and accomplishment in our engaging process .

Our Seminars

We Offer a Hands-On Approach to Learning Complex Accounting

Our seminars are hands on, gamed based and interactive. The act of learning by doing provides participants a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

This multi-disciplinary teaching method allows participants to apply the information in a variety of activities. Students gain the skills to evaluate, analyze, and understand ways to integrate concepts for their company’s effectiveness and efficiency.

Why You Need ProAcct LLC

ProAcct marries left brain analytics with the right brain propensity to see and understand patterns.  ProAcct’s seminars incorporate creative processes into interactive learning. We bring fun, curiosity, and play back into the learning process.


Who We Are, What We Do

ProAcct is a Government Cost Accounting and Compliance firm with an approach that is artistic, engaging, and inventive.

Our vision is to act as partners to our clients in helping them create a viable company with a growth mindset.

Along with our educational programs, ProAcct offers:

  • Monthly accounting services
  • Cost accounting coaching
  • Creating compliant cost proposals for Government RFP’s
  • Reviewing and creating adequate Business Systems
  • Modifying & segregating chart of accounts for compliance
  • Determining indirect rates
  • Assisting QuickBooks set up for Government Contracts
  • Preparation for DCAA audits and Agencies review
  • Creating budgeted rates

Making the Virtual Physical

When we seek learning as adults, it is often to solve a current problem. We are also seeking to solve real life challenges. 

Learners should discover things for themselves through self-directed experiences.

Learning new concepts and applications in order to become more functional and successful in business also increases Neuroplasticity.

Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to change and learn all the way up to death.

Number crunching, the act of accounting, is often redundant and analytical. ProAcct seeks to make the mundane vibrant, hence making the virtual, physical.

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